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Services Related to Document Attestation Offered By Expressage Attestation

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The primary focus of Xpressage Attestation is the legalization of Providers and Documents. Fast Track Services in Dubai for Documents and Certificates issued in Pakistan UAE

For usage in the UAE, we certify all types of documents issued by many nations, including India, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Philippines, Canada, Australia, Egypt, South Africa, etc.

Degree Certificate Attestation

Until many relevant departments certify their authenticity, Pakistan’s educational credentials and documentation are useless in the UAE. You might lose your mind trying to follow this convoluted protocol. Fortunately, these concerns are no longer necessary thanks to the development of online attestation services like Expressage. Expressage is only a click away from you and is fully aware of the nuances of the entire attestation process. The Ministry in Gulf nations requires an attested copy of the degree certificate.

certificate attestation services in UAE

Birth Certificate Attestation

We offer birth certificate attestation services in Dubai. A birth certificate issued in any nation must first be endorsed by the UAE Embassy in the place of issuance before being recognized as official in the UAE by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Your birth certificate must have attestations from both your home country and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order for it to be legally recognized in the UAE.

Marriage and Divorce Certificate Attestation

In order to apply for a family visa in the UAE, you must now submit an attested copy of your marriage certificate. Any marriage certificate issued in a nation must have it attested by the embassy of the UAE in that nation. Finally, the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed to it as a legal document in the country. Every nation has a unique procedure for obtaining a marriage certificate’s attestation.

certificate attestation services in UAE

Death Certificate Attestation

The death certificate must first be attested by the UAE Embassy in the nation of issuance, then it must be attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. because it is a legal document in the UAE. Every nation has a unique attestation procedure.

The Hague Apostle

An apostle is a type of attestation in which legalization of documents is accomplished in a certain format that is recognized by all parties to the Hague Convention. Apostle is essentially an international attestation that is accepted in 92 nations, and it is recognized throughout the majority of the western world. The Hague Apostle strives to streamline the legalization of documents to confirm their authenticity and make unnecessary diplomatic or consular legalization or other certification in order to make them valid globally. When papers are intended for use in nations that are participants in the Hague Apostle Convention, apostle certification is required.

UAE Dubai Power of Attorney Attestation

For a power of attorney to be considered legal in the United Arab Emirates, it must first be attested by the embassy of the UAE in the country of origin and then by the ministry of foreign affairs of the UAE. Every nation has a unique attestation procedure. We certify a Power of Attorney certificate that was granted in India within 5 working days.

We pick up your documentation from your house, have it attested by your home nation, and then have it attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE before returning it to you in a secure manner.

Mofa Attestation

MOFA Attestation Dubai 

In order to verify the validity of necessary certificates and documents needed for the visa in the UAE, for employment, and other purposes such study medical certificates, MOFA Attestation UAE is (in most circumstances) a mandated operation. No other language-written documents will be legalized by UAE authorities. Self-processing this step could be challenging, especially if the translation needs to be notarized before being forwarded to the Embassy and MOFA (UAE). Therefore, it is advised that you hire the services of a trustworthy translation company like Expressage Attestation that focuses on the UAE market.

Translation Services for All Languages

Expressage Attestation provides translation services into about 75 languages and translates legal documents into Arabic and English. French, Portuguese, Hindi, Angolan, Spanish, Polish, German, and many more languages have also been translated. Our translators are native speakers who are experts in their respective languages. In order to ensure that your message is understood in whichever language or format you choose, we offer professional and individualized service.

Personal Relation Officer Services in Dubai

These qualified experts of ours are in charge of opening a line of communication between the government and business. We offer all types of PRO services, including the registration and renewal of business and trade licenses, medical fitness testing, registering and renewing emigration cards, and legalizing documents from the Economic Department, Ministry of Finance, Chamber of Commerce, Dubai Court, Dubai Police, Traffic Department, and other government departments.

Enterprise Setup Services

With the help of our business setup services, you can easily launch a company in Dubai. Understanding the distinctions between Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore Company Formation is necessary when starting a business in Dubai. Next, you must select a license based on the activity and service you will be offering. We receive a new license, an old trade license renewal, a new commercial business license, and a mainland license that makes renting an office or shop mandatory.

Embassy/Consulate Services

All consulate general offices in the UAE can help with the legalization of documents issued in the home country for use in the UAE or of UAE-issued documents for use abroad. In the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain, we offer nearly all embassy and consulate services. Any non-educational document issued by a nation, such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, or another document, may be legalized by the consulate general of that nation.

Document Legalisation

WES for Pakistan

For higher education and work, a WES evaluation is a passport. Any educational qualifications from any country are translated into their US equivalents via the WES review. Each diploma, certificate, or degree you’ve obtained is listed along with its academic equivalent in the United States. We at Express-age Attestation Services assist you in confirming your educational credentials in accordance with WES specifications. The largest challenge that all applicants must overcome is sending the sealed envelope from their universities or educational institutions as part of the WES requirement.

Express-age completes all of the procedures needed to obtain these sealed envelopes and sends them to WES with your reference number written on them.

We have years of expertise certifying documents issued in Pakistan. Our attestation services for Pakistani certifications are among the best in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. For further information, get in touch with us.