Birth Certificate Attestation

We Provide Birth Certificate Attestation in dubai, Birth Certificate issued by any country has to be attested, by UAE Embassy from Issuing country and finally attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE, for being a valid document in UAE.

Attestation process is different for every country. Please contact our customer service for any kind of query and information.

We attest Indian birth certificate within 5 working days.

We collect document from your residence, get it attested from home country and finally from UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE, and deliver it back to you safely.

Any Country issued Birth certificate can be attested from USA within 15 Business days for the valid use of document within UAE for more information contact our customer service center.


Procedure for Birth certificate Attestation issued from India for the use in UAE

Birth certificate in English

Attestation process


Documents Required

  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Passport

Time Duration: 3 to 4 Business days


Birth Certificate in Hindi

Attestation Procedure

  • Translation to English
  • Notary Mumbai
  • Home Department Mumbai
  • UAE Embassy in Delhi
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE


Documents Required

  • Original birth certificate
  • Copy of Passport