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Marriage Certificate Attestation in Dubai UAE

Marriage Certificate attestation is now Compulsory if you are applying for a family visa in UAE.

A marriage certificate issued from any country has to be attested by UAE Embassy from the Issuing country.

And it was finally attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE for being a valid document in UAE.

The process is different for every country’s Marriage Certificate Attestation.

Please contact our customer service for any kind of query and information about Marriage Certificate attestation.

We Provide Indian-issued Marriage certificate attestation within five working days.

We collect Marriage Certificate from your residence get it attested from your home country.

Finally, from UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs MOFA UAE and deliver it back to you safely.

Any Country issued Marriage Certificate can be attested from the USA within 15 Business days for the valid use of the document within the UAE.

For more information contact our customer service center.

Any country-issued birth, Marriage, and death certificate can be attested by UAE Embassy in the USA

Your marriage certificate can only be validated and accepted in UAE if it has been attested by UAE Embassy in your home country because this attested document proves that you were married legitimately from your country.

You might be thinking, what’s the point of going through all of this drill, right?

Here’s the reason; You need an attested marriage certificate for successful completion of the Visa process.

Furthermore, it is required for insertion of name on passports, obtaining lifetime insurance, admittance in hospital at the time of delivery.
A marriage Certificate(Nikah Nama) must be first translated from Urdu to English.

Moreover, as an official testimony of your marriage, you need to go to National Data Base Registration Authority (NADRA) to get a computerized document of your marriage certificate.

Afterward, it needs to be verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pakistan, which is further followed by attestation from the UAE Embassy Pakistan and Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE.

It is important for you to keep in mind that UAE Embassy does not welcome individual applications. Only certain UAE Embassy-certified organizations can get this task done.

Even the thought of this lengthy and tumultuous procedure sucks one’s energy.

But you don’t need to feel burnt out thinking about all of this as Expressage is always in service of its loyal customers like a dutiful friend. .

Procedure for Indian issued Marriage Certificate

Marriage certificate in English

Attestation process

Documents Required

  • Original Certificate of Marriage
  • Copy of Passport

Time Duration: 3 to 4 Business days

Marriage Certificate in Hindi

Attestation Procedure

  • Translation to English
  • Notary Mumbai
  • Home Department Mumbai
  • UAE Embassy in Delhi
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE

Documents Required

  • Original certificate of Marriage
  • Copy of Passport

Time Duration: 10 to 12 Business days

We Also Provide Attestation for Pakistan, India, the UK, and Other Countries as well.

Any kind of Non-Education documents like Certificate of Birth

Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Power of Attorney, Transfer Certificate, Legal Heirship Certificate, etc.

It has to be attested by issuing country for the valid use of it within the UAE.

We get it attested by all relevant departments.

Any country-issued birth, Marriage, and death certificate can be attested by UAE Embassy in the USA.


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