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Consulate Services

All consulate general within UAE we assist with legalization of documents issued from home country for the use in UAE or for UAE issued document for the use in their home country.

We provide almost all Embassies and consulate services in UAE, Pakistan, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

Any country issued non Education certificates like Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divorce certificate and many more certificates can be legalized by consulate general of that particular country.

In case a Saudi Arabia Issued marriage certificate which has to be used in UAE then we can get the certificate legalized by Embassy of Saudi Arabia or Consulate General of Saudi Arabia within UAE and then we can directly get the Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE  so that the document can be legally used within UAE.

In the same way if we have a UAE issued certificate and it has to be used in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia then the document has to be first attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE followed by Embassy or Consulate of Saudi Arabia.

We provide consulate services to almost all Embassies or Consulates within UAE few are mentioned below.

India, Pakistan, South Africa, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Portugal, Bahrain, Jordan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and many more.

Please call our Attestation Advisor who will guide you for free assistance on your entire Query.

We get your documents attested from any embassy or consulate within UAE.

We provide services from ministry of justice We get your document attested from Dubai chamber of commerce/ Abu dhabi chamber/ Sharjah chamber


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