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In gulf countries it is Ministry requirements to have Degree Certificate Attested. In this process of attestation the documents will have to go through many government departments.

Marriage Certificate issued from any country has to be attested by UAE Embassy from Issuing country, And finally attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE for being a valid document in UAE.

We collect document from your residence, get it attested from home country and finally from UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE, and deliver it back to you safely.

Translation services to almost 75 languages; we do Legal translation in Arabic and English and other translations Include French, Portugal, Hindi, Angolan, Spanish, Polish, German and many more. 

UAE Embassy attestation on your education certificates, is mandatory, if any company need to apply your visa in UAE immigration.

The main requirement of UAE Foreign affairs is the document has to be attested, by UAE Embassy from where the document was issued.

Apostille is a kind of attestation is accepted in countries that are related to Hague Convention, Apostille is global attestation that is amissible in 104 countries.

Power of Attorney issued by any country has to be attested by UAE Embassy from issuing country and finally attested by MOFA UAE. 

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Our Global Services for the Countries

Pakistan Certificate Attestation

Documents issued from Pakistan for making it a valid document for use in UAE , it needs to be attested by respective department in Pakistan as well as in UAE.

All Indian Education certificates has to be first verified by university/ Board followed by State Human Resource Department (HRD).

Uk Certificate Attestation

UK documents Attestation in uae is mandatory, if any UK national who is having UK issued documents is planning to migrate to any foreign country for employment.

USA Certificate Attestation

If you need to attest a Certificate issued from USA, For the use within UAE the Certificate must be attested back in USA through the UAE Embassy in New York.

Canada Certificate Attestation

f you need to attest a document issued from Canada, For the use within UAE the document must be attested back in Canada through the UAE Embassy in Ottawa.

Philippines Certificate Attestation

Documents issued in Philippines needs to be legalized, Authenticated and attested from DFA Red Ribbon followed by UAE Embassy Manila, in order to get it attested by Ministry of Foreign affairs in UAE.

South Africa Certificate Attestation in Dubai

Documents issues by South Africa needs to be legalized, authenticated and attested from a solicitor in Cape Town, Ministry of Foreign affairs Cape Town followed by UAE Embassy  Cape Town.

Singapore Certificate Attestation in Dubai

We are best Service Provider for Singapore Documents in Dubai.Our Professional team always Looking  to provide good services to clients.

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