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UAE Embassy Attestation in Pakistan

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The UAE Embassy Attestation in Pakistan is a process of vindicating the authenticity of Pakistani documents intended to be used in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).The documentation process involves the verification of the instruments by colorful authorities in Pakistan, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Advanced Education Commission (HEC), and the separate Board or University, depending on the nature of the document. 

After documentation by the MOFA in Pakistan, the document is submitted to the UAE Embassy in Pakistan for documentation. Once attested by the UAE Embassy in Pakistan, the instrument must be encouraged to the MOFA in Dubai for final documentation. The MOFA Dubai Attestation verifies the hand and seal of the issuing authority and confirms that the instrument is genuine and has been issued by the applicable authorities in Pakistan.  

What’s the Procedure for UAE Embassy Attestation in Pakistan? 

Step 1: Gain the Original Document

  The first step is to request the original marriage or degree instrument from the applicable authorities in Pakistan, similar as the union council or the educational institution.  

Step 2: Document restatement

 Still, you must get them restated by an authorized translator, If your documents are in a language other than English or Arabic. The paraphrased instrument must be certified by a notary public or a counsel in Pakistan.  

Step 3: Attestation from the Higher Education Commission (HEC)

 Still, the coming step is to have an HEC documentation or instrument in Pakistan, If you get a Pakistan degree instrument attested. You must give the original degree instrument and a dupe of your CNIC or passport. 

 Step 4: Attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

  Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) must legalize your HEC- attested documents. You can visit the Pakistan MOFA office or shoot your documents by post to their designated office. You must submit the original degree instrument and a dupe of your CNIC or passport.   Also, the marriage instrument needs to be authenticated by the MOFA in Pakistan after the union council verification. You can visit their office or shoot your documents through a courier. The original marriage instrument and a dupe of your passport and CNIC are needed.  

Step 5:  UAE Embassy Attestation in Pakistan 

The UAE Embassy in Islamabad or Dubai delegacy in Pakistan must attest to the instrument. You must give the original instrument, a dupe of your CNIC and passport, and any other supporting documents needed by the delegacy.  

Step 6:  MOFA Attestation Dubai

 After UAE Embassy Attestation in Pakistan, the instrument needs to be legalized by the MOFA in Dubai. You must shoot your documents through a courier, as no walk- in operations is accepted. MOFA requires the instruments with the original UAE consulate prints. 

 How to Get UAE Embassy Attestation in Pakistan without a Notary Public?

  1. Collect your documents 
  2. Get your documents attested by the applicable authorities.
  3.   restate your documents
  4. ( if necessary)  corroborate your documents with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
  5. gain UAE Embassy Attestation in Pakistan
  6.   Eventually, complete MOFA Dubai Attestation

 Following these ways ensures that your documents are authenticated and ready for use in the UAE.

  It’s essential to follow this way precisely to insure that the authorities rightly authenticate your documents. It’s important to note that the conditions and procedures for instrument documentation may vary depending on the specific circumstances and the country where you intend to use the instrument. It’s always a good idea to consult a professional service provider who can guide you through the entire process and insure you misbehave with all the legal conditions. 

 Occasionally, you only need to go through some of the below way. Still, it’s always stylish to confirm the specific conditions with the applicable authorities or a professional service provider like Benchmark Attestation Services in Dubai. Call us at +971586988935!