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Procedure to Get a Certificate Attested for UAE | Expressage Attestation

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UAE offers it all, from huge, flat deserts to the tallest building in the world. The UAE’s extraordinary expansion has opened up countless opportunities in every field. Many foreigners are drawn to the country to live because of the diversity of the population. People from all over the world move to the UAE to find work, continue their education, and even expand their enterprises. The legalization of documents is one of a number of procedures that must be done before staying for an extended period of time in any foreign country. When you travel to the UAE for a longer period of time, whether for work, school, business, or another purpose, you must get your certificates attested.

Certificate Attestation in Dubai

In Dubai, a certificate’s attestation refers to the process of having a department, authority, or authorized individual use their seal and signature to authenticate a document. This guarantees that the seal and signature on the certificate are genuine and that it was issued by an authorized organization or board.

certificate attestation services in UAE

The process validates the certificate’s authenticity. Consult with attestation services in the UAE for assistance in getting all of your documents verified so you can use them there. The procedure of attesting documents in the UAE calls for a lot of evidence to show that they can be trusted.

Types of Attestations

Basic attestation comes in three different forms.

1) State Attestation – Before MEA Attestation, the state (to which you belong) must certify all of your academic and personal documentation. Documents and certificates are further processed for MEA attestation of documents after state-level authentication. When it comes to personal documents, the General Administration Department verifies them before the Ministry of External Affairs attests them.

2) MEA Attestation or Apostille – The MEA attestation is prepared immediately following attestation by the relevant state authorities.

3) Following the MEA attestation, the Embassy/Consulate Attestation is prepared.

UAE Embassy Attestation Steps

The steps will be briefly described in the paragraphs that follow. Depending on the nation where the paper was issued, this can change.

  1. A document is then authenticated in its country of origin to give it legal status elsewhere. The certificate’s attestation is delivered to the appropriate ministry of foreign affairs in the applicant’s country of origin. The ministry verifies the paperwork by verifying a notary’s information.
  2. UAE embassy certification of the certificate – The certified document is then delivered to the UAE embassy or consulate in the country of origin. Before stamping a document, the UAE embassy verifies that it has been accurately validated by the relevant ministry. It is then transported to the UAE for completion of the last stage of the authentication procedure when this step is finished.
  3. The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) certifies the documents (MOFA Attestation) when they are brought into the country. After it is filed, MOFA checks it to make sure it has been notarized, authenticated, and confirmed all the way to the UAE embassy in the country of origin.

Attestation Services in UAE

Certificate of Outbound Documents Attestation in the UAE

For people who are leaving the UAE, attested certificates must also be obtained from the UAE government. Documents referring to all operations within the UAE may be attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The needed individual must attend the following authorities as per the requirements; Dubai Courts Notary Public, the Ministry of Justice, and then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Certificates That Need To Be Attested

Any of the certificates listed below might need attestation.

  • Diploma or degree certificate attestation
  • Birth certificate attestation
  • Marriage certificate attestation
  • Divorce certificate attestation

What kinds of MOFA attestation are there?

Inbound MOFA Attestation

 In accordance with UAE law, anyone applying for a resident visa, a work visa, or a family visa must have their certificate confirmed by the minister of foreign affairs of their home country.

Outbound MOFA Attestation

This attestation is for individuals leaving the UAE who need to get their documents legalized there.

MOFA attestation services for both inbound and outgoing documents are Xpressage Attestation’s area of expertise. For UAE Embassy attestation and more, you may get in touch with our attestation service in Dubai. We can also help you through the entire document attestation process.

Document Attestation by MOFA

What kind of documents can be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai, UAE through Xpressage Attestation?

Educational Certificates: Most job titles call for an attested educational certificate; this is crucial for employment and work. Degree certificates, matriculation certificates, intermediate mark sheets, computer diplomas, private diplomas, technical diplomas, etc. are the most typical papers that need attesting.

Personal Documents: These include records of one’s own identity, such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, fingerprints, divorce certificates, police clearance certificates, and transfer certificates.

Commercial Documents: This type of attestation is frequently required, particularly for documents like partnership deeds, board resolutions, invoices, registrations, and memoranda of understanding.

Document Legalisation

The process of certificate attestation for the UAE is relevant in many different contexts. Due to its complexity, legalizing papers should only be done by professionals in order to ensure legitimacy. It is crucial to ensure that legal documents are handled with care and processed according to the correct procedure.

The authorization of documents and the person into their target country is UAE Xpressage Attestation‘s main concern. For documents and certificates issued in Pakistan, Fast Track Services are available in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We certify all types of documents for use in the UAE, including those from India, Pakistan, the UK, the US, the Philippines, Canada, Australia, Egypt, South Africa, etc. We have years of experience attesting Pakistani-issued documents. We provide a fast track service for documents relating to education issued in Pakistan.

Our services for Pakistani certificates attestation are regarded as some of the best in Dubai and the UAE. Contact us for further information.