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Degree Certificate Attestation in Dubai UAE

Pakistan’s educational certificates and documents are useless in U.A.E. until several relevant departments attest their authenticity. 

It is a complicated protocol that can drive you crazy.

Fortunately, with the advent of online attestation services like Expressage, you don’t need to be consumed by these worries.

Expressage is well aware of the intricacies of the whole attestation process and is just a click away from you.

Degree Certificate attestation is required to prove the authenticity of your degree. 

In case you want to relocate to a foreign country and get a job there, you will need to get your certificate attested by your home country so that the foreign country can accept it as a genuine document.

In gulf countries, Ministry requires to have Degree Certificate Attested.

In this process of Attestation, the documents will have to go through many government departments. 

There will be a minimum of four departments located in different parts of the country, and it also has its fees. So in case you think of getting it attested on your own, it will be time-consuming and will cost you more.

It is always preferred to consult an attestation expert who will guide you at the Attestation required for your case.

Charges for Attestation

Degree certificate attestation charges in U.A.E varies based on whether you need MOFA attestation or U.A.E.

Embassy Attestation from your home country. 

Degree Certificate attestation is complicated because each country has its required attestations.

You must first know which country you want the document to be used and for what purpose; based on these details, our experts will guide you on what Attestation is required, how does the process takes place, cost, and time involved in the process.

Giving the documents to us will save both time and money. Degree Certificate attestation for U.A.E. It is used for employment purposes.

 Your visa designation will be decided based on degree attestation from U.A.E. Embassy.

H.E.C. Degree attestation is required for all Pakistan-issued degree certificates. H.E.C. verification done online first only; then, physical degree attestation done.

Getting an education certificate attestation from U.A.E. is simple. Just call us, and we will assist you with all your query. We at Expressage attestation Services provide Degree attestation services.

Expressage Attestation is mainly into the legalization of Documents, like Degree Certificate Attestation. We attest all kinds of documents issued from different countries, like India, Pakistan, U.K., U.S.A., Philippines, Canada, Australia, Egypt, South Africa, etc., for use in the U.A.E.

We are Specialized in the Attestation of documents Issued from Pakistan, Like Degree Certificate Attestation. We provide fast track service for Documents Issued from Pakistan.

We have a well-trained professional and efficient team who can help you clear all your doubts and queries regarding Attestation.

 Safe and Secured Service Degree Certificate Attestation.

We also get documents attested from all Embassies and consulates like Oman, India, Pakistan, Saudi, Kuwait, Angola, Portugal, Poland, South Africa, etc.


Importance of Degree Certificate Attestation

If you want to travel to another country, you need to apply for a visa. The visa will be issued only when the officials have verified your document.

Thus this makes the Attestation of the required documentation necessary.

Today authenticated documents are necessary, whether you want to pursue your education abroad or be employed in any other country.

Since thousands of people travel abroad for employment immigration, one of the important things you need to do is documentation.

If documentation is not proper, your visa application might be rejected.

Contact us for Free Query regarding Attestation and Pro Services.

Our Services in U.A.E.

We also attest documents from Dubai CourtsDubai ChamberMinistry of JusticeMinistry of Foreign AffairsMinistry of EducationMinistry of Health in U.A.E.

Our Other Services are New Business setup, Visit Visa, Family Visa, Emirates Id Typing, Pro Services. We provide free pick up and delivery all over U.A.E.

Degree Certificate Attestation is a process of checking the authenticity of a document and declaring its authenticity by attaching it with a sign of the verifying person.

The process requires submission of original to authorized government Department for verifying and required sign or stamp on the guided area.

We attest to Degree certificates issued from different countries for valid use in U.A.E., Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and many more countries. Degree Attestation in U.A.E. 



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