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Philippines Certificate Attestation

In the Process of Philippines Certificate Attestation any Certificate issued in Philippines needs to be legalized, Authenticated and attested from DFA Red Ribbon followed by UAE Embassy Manila, in order to get it attested by Ministry of Foreign affairs in UAE.

If Philippines certificate has to be used in any other country then it has to be attested by Embassy of that particular country.

In case of Non Education Certificates some Embassy in UAE legalize the Certificate within UAE but in Case of Philippines Embassy in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

They do not handle Certificate attestation.

If you need to attest a Certificate issued from Philippines, For the use within UAE the Certificate must be attested back in Philippines through the UAE Embassy in Manila.

Educational and Professional Qualifications Including:

  • University Degree Certificate
  • Diploma and School Certificates
  • College Transcripts
  • Chartered Institute Fellowship

Personal Identification Documents Such as

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Single Certificate
  • Adoption Certificate

Police Documents

  • Police clearance Certificate
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Fingerprints

Attestation Process for Education Certificates, Birth, Marriage, Death, Divorce on True Copy

Time Duration: 30 to 35 Business days

Documents Required

    • Special Power of Attorney
    • Passport copy
  • Passport size Photo
Attestation Procedure for Education Certificates on True Copy
  • Verification from School
  • Red Ribbon
  • UAE Embassy in Manila
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE

Time Duration: 40 to 45 Business days

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Attestation Process

Degree Certificates
Diploma Certificates
Provisional Certificates
Masters Certificate

Marriage Certificates
Birth Certificates
Transfer Certificates
Death Certificates
Divorce Certificates
Legal Heirship
Power Of Attorney



DFA/ Red Ribbon

UAE Embassy Philippines

Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE

Non education


DFA/ Red Ribbon

UAE Embassy Philippines

Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE


Original certificate and copy of passport

We Help You Get Your Police Certificate Issued From UAE Within 4 Working Days
We Attest Police Clearance Issued From Home Country For UAE Embassy


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