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WES World Education Services For Pakistan


A WES evaluation is a passport to Higher Education and employment.

The WES evaluation converts educational credentials from any country in the world into their US equivalents.

It describes each certificate, diploma or degree that you have earned and states it academic equivalency into the United States.

We at Express-age Attestation services help you to verify your Education certificates according to WES requirements.

The main requirement of WES is to send the sealed envelope from your Universities or Educational institutes which is the biggest problem which all candidates has to face.

We at Express-age carry out each and every step followed to get these sealed envelopes and send it to WES with your reference number mentioned on it.

WES For Pakistan Issued Certificates.

For Canadian Emigration people usually look for IQAS or WES for getting their US Equivalents.
WES – World Education Services

In case of WES the Sealed envelope for Bachelor’s Degree and above will be issued by Higher Education Council which is popularly known as HEC in Pakistan.

The required verification is done by HEC and verified transcripts in sealed envelope will be issued. We take care of the process to forward the sealed envelope to WES.

Similarly in Case of Matric, Inter and Diploma the Sealed envelope will be issued by Inter Board Committee of Chairmen which is known as IBCC in Pakistan.

The verification from the relevant board will be done by us the verified sealed envelope issued from the board will be submitted to IBCC.

The verified sealed envelope addressed to WES will be issued by IBCC.

Finally it will be sent to WES for the next process.
Process for Bachelor’s Degree and Above (By HEC)
– Verification from HEC
– Issuing sealed transcript from HEC
– Ship the sealed transcript to WES

Documents Required
– Original Bachelor Certificate and Transcript
– Original Matric and Transcript
– Original Inter and Transcript
– Copy of Passport
– Copy of Pakistan NIC
– Passport size Photo
– WES Application form
Time: 15 to 20 working days

Process for Matric, Inter and Diploma (by IBCC)
– Board Verification
– Issuing sealed transcript from IBCC
– Ship the sealed transcript to WES
Documents Required
– Original Matric and Transcript
– Original Inter and Transcript
– Copy of Passport
– Copy of NIC Pakistan
– Passport Size Photo
– WES Application form
– WES Application Form
Time 15 to 20 working days.
IQAS – International Qualifications Assessment Service
IQAS issues Certificates comparing credentials from other countries to Canadian education standards.

IQAS is designated by government of Canada to provide Education Credential Assessment (ECA) for Express Entry.

An ECA may be used in 5 years.
In case of IQAS the verification is done from University or Institute from where the certificate is issued.

The process is time consuming compared to WES

– Verification from Board / University
– Issuing Sealed Transcript
– Ship the Sealed Transcript to IQAS
Documents Required
– All Original Certificates and Transcripts
– IQAS Form
– Copy of passport
– Copy of NIC Pakistan
– Passport size photo
Time 20 to 25 working days


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