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UAE Embassy Attestation | Document Attestation for UAE

Any Certificate or document issued from foreign country, should be first attested from issuing country UAE Embassy authority.

Before their validity can be recognized in MOFA UAE.

The main requirement of UAE Foreign affairs is the document has to be attested, by UAE Embassy from where the document was issued.

It is mandatory to get the documents legalized, before it can be used for any valid use in UAE.

UAE Embassy attestation is required, for all types of Education Certificates, Marriage certificate, Birth Certificate, Transfer certificate.

Police Clearance Certificate, Death Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Power of Attorney, Singleness Certificate, Experience Certificate, Medical Certificate.

Why is UAE Embassy Attestation required?

UAE Embassy attestation on your education certificates, is mandatory, if any company need to apply your visa in UAE immigration.

If you are looking for a job in UAE, planning to relocate to UAE, it is better to get your educational certificates attested and ready.

It will help you to process your residency visa very fast.

Once you have your residency visa, you will need to attest your marriage and birth certificate attested, so that you can sponsor your family visa.

In case you want to apply for higher education in any university within UAE.

Then you will need attestation your previous education documents attested by issuing country.

It is also mandatory if you want to transfer your kids school to UAE.

Then you will need to provide attested transfer certificate, to the school during the time of attestation.

In case you wish to marry as per UAE law, then you will need to attest your singleness certificate or Divorce certificate attested by issuing country.

Medical certificate issued outside UAE has to attested.

In case you want you sick leave to be approved, by your company and get paid leave.

Attestation is mandatory for any foreign country document which has to be used in UAE.

We at expressage attestation get the UAE Embassy attestation for most of the countries mainly India, Pakistan, UK, USA, European countries, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Canada.

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