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6 Reasons for Your UAE Visa Application Rejection | Xpressage Attestation

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6 Reasons for Your UAE Visa Application Rejection | Xpressage Attestation

Millions of individuals, mostly young people, seek for a Dubai visa each year. People from all over the world are drawn to the nation because it offers some of the best employment and educational opportunities. It is renowned for its architecture, culture, politics, social environment, and leisure activities that are both healthy and enjoyable.

The process for applying for a UAE visa is rather straightforward. However, they also value laws and security. Therefore, examine both the Dubai visa rules and the rules governing the emirate before applying for a Dubai visa. The safety of a nation is significantly influenced by immigration policies. Therefore, your application could be denied if you don’t follow the visa rules.

Mofa Attestation

The most evident cause of a visa denial is a lack of supporting documentation or information demonstrating your ineligibility to go to the desired destination. It won’t just ruin your joy; it will also ruin your chances of getting a visa in the future. Other than marriage certificate, birth certificate attestation and other certificates that need attestation for UAE, Xpressage Attestation Service helps you avoid the following problems by checking all your documents thoroughly.

Here, we’ll examine the typical causes of these denials and discuss how to prevent them to have your visa approved.

  •  Inconsistent data and an incomplete application

The visa application form must be completed in its whole. Don’t omit any sections, and make sure all the information you offer is accurate. There are directions in every section about what to do if it doesn’t apply to you. If you don’t give all the right details, that could be a reason for your visa being denied.

Fill in the information extremely carefully to prevent any spelling mistakes or issues with data matching. Application rejection will result from any data discrepancy.

  • Previous Extended Trip to Dubai

Though it is risky, many individuals still do it. Even after their visas expire, they stay in the nation. What occurs if a tourist enters a country and stays after their visa has expired?

Here are the problems that individual face;

  • There is a blacklist for him and he faces a minimum sentence of three months in jail.
  • He can be required to pay hefty penalties and fees or he might be sent back to his own country.

The individual must ensure that their visa is automatically cancelled before departing the country of their destination. He will have to deal with the implications the next time he files for the visa if he does not do it, whether purposefully or accidentally.

  • Typographical errors and handwritten passports

Passports with handwriting will be automatically refused by UAE immigration. Other than Dubai, handwritten passports are no longer accepted in any nation, and are no longer regarded legitimate documents.

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Your Dubai visa application could be rejected if there are any typographical problems in your name, spelling, code, number, date of birth, etc. It is among the most ridiculous and small errors that are often overlooked when applying for a Dubai visa.

  • A blurry or unclear photo

Your passport must have a clear photo for the immigration department to recognize you. To avoid delays or refusal, apply for a visa to the UAE online using clear photographs of your passport copies. Through Expressage Attestation, these minor problems will be thoroughly checked for and your time can be saved.

  • Lack of Resources

You should have enough money in your bank account to go to any country. The cost of your stay in a certain country has been determined by the consulate at a specific amount. A visa application may be denied if your account does not show the anticipated amount. This is a necessity in many countries.

  • Problems with a previous visa application or an unresolved residential visa suspension

If you didn’t terminate your previous visit visa before leaving the country, your visa application could be turned down. Your most recent resident visa will be verified by the UAE immigration office before being released to allow a second trip to the country of your choice.

Document Legalisation

If after receiving permission for your visa application you are unable to travel to Dubai for whatever reason. You must then obtain a PRO’s or an agency’s approval before being given a second chance to fly to Dubai.

How Can You Find Out Why Your Dubai Visa Was Rejected?

You receive a letter outlining the grounds for the visa denial from the nation’s consulate or embassy. This procedure enables the applicant to submit another application that is free of mistakes.

You Need MOFA Attestation for Your Documents

UAE MOFA Attestation Applying for a resident permit through the UAE Labor Ministry requires MOFA Attestation. Obtaining a family visa in Gulf nations including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain requires the approval of the foreign ministry. The prerequisite for receiving a foreign ministry attestation from abroad is embassy attestation. MOFA Attestation is made easier through Xpressage Attestation in UAE.

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All of the above mentioned problems can be taken care of by the help of Xpressage Attestation services. Xpressage Attestation in UAE offers quality services and gets your work done in time. If you plan to get your documents arranged and attested by yourself, it will take you a lot of time as the process is lengthy, confusing and needs attention. For a person who is going through this procedure for the first time, there are a lot of difficulties. Xpressage Attestation service takes away that burden from individuals and makes their journey to another country like UAE easy and comfortable.