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Different Documents That Require Attestation | Expressage Attestation

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For a variety of reasons, the UAE government needs a large number of people to get their documents certified. People typically need to do this in order to authenticate their documents so they can be used abroad for work, education, and immigration. Before obtaining a visa, work permit, or admittance to a foreign nation, a document must be certified and assessed through the procedure of document attestation. Your documents will be legitimate for legal and official reasons in another country if they are attested.

Expressage Attestation is here to help you with attestation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and to give you step-by-step instructions on how to get your papers attested with our help.

Best Certification Attestation in UAE

Expressage Attestation

For attestation, a number of parties must be called, and they must be contacted in the correct sequence. Our company has a solid local support network and provides a full range of services for international expansion, including document attestation. For documents issued in a number of nations, including India, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Philippines, Canada, Australia, Egypt, South Africa, and others, we offer an attestation service. But if you are from Pakistan and require our birth certificate or degree attestation, Expressage Attestation is the place to go! Our diligent team is specialized especially to attest Pakistani documents.

Attestation Services for Certificates are the core focus of Expressage Attestation. For all types of certificates and other papers, we offer attestation services in Dubai. Additionally, we obtain attestations for papers from all embassies and consulates, including those in Oman, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Angola, Portugal, Poland, and South Africa.

List of Documents and Certificates Attested by Expressage Attestation’s help

For a variety of legal and official objectives, several sorts of papers must undergo the attestation procedure. These documents are categorized as commercial, non-commercial, and educational documents. Due to the inclusion of various forms of authorizations and review processes to verify their authenticity, the method of attestation for these documents is a little different.

certificate attestation services in UAE

Educational Documents

Academic certificates issued by colleges and universities upon successful completion of professional courses are known as educational documents. SSC, HSC, diplomas, degrees in engineering, doctorates, undergraduate degrees, and similar credentials are regarded as educational documents and must be attested for student visa applications for higher education abroad.

Non-Academic Documents

Personal documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, medical certificates, work certificates, and many others, fall within the category of non-educational documents. To move forward with a visa application for a particular reason, these documents must be attested.

Business Documents

Commercial documents are those that must be authenticated in order to be used for business in a foreign country. A few examples of these documents are business licences, certificates of corporation formation, articles of association, and memorandums of association.

Who Attests Your Documents?

Some certificates require official government stamps or seals. Documents requiring visa attestation must be processed through authorized departments. The Notary, the State, the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), and the embassy of the relevant nation come first.

Several documents are authenticated by various authorities for a variety of purposes:

  • HRD attests your personal documents.
  • Union territory/state governments certify educational certificates.
  • The Chambers of Commerce Ministry attests to commercial documents.

However, a person cannot go directly to these authorities and ask for the attestation. An external attestation agency must handle the entire procedure. Here Expressage Attestation steps in as one of the top businesses to provide document attestation services near me in UAE.

MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) attestation

The MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) attestation, which is required for the Gulf countries of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates, is an additional kind of destination country verification.

In order to verify the validity of necessary certificates and documents needed for the visa in the UAE, for employment, and other purposes such study medical certificates, MOFA Attestation UAE is a mandated operation in most cases. 

It may be difficult to manage that process on your own, especially if the translation must be certified before being forwarded to the Embassy and MOFA (UAE). Therefore, it is advised that you hire the services of a trustworthy translation company like Expressage Attestation that focuses on the UAE market.

Expressage offers the MOFA Attestation

services for all types of documents, including any pre-authentication necessary before the MOFA Authentication. We have fully trained professional and effective team that can help you clarify all you problems and query related Attestation.

certificate attestation services in UAE

What benefits do you get by using our attestation services?

The benefit of using attestation services requires you to pay their fees or charges. Attestation services are provided by qualified individuals. They provide attestation services for both personal and academic certificates. Without you present, they finish the attestation procedures. Expressage Attestation services will attest to any of your documents.

Other Services at Expressage Attestation UAE

Not only do we provide attestation services, but we also provide our clients with family visa services, services you need to set up your business. Sometimes UAE requires translation of your documents to Arabic, Expressage Attestation provides you these services too! Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (mofa) attestation services are also provided here.

Finding the appropriate service providers who can help you with the attestation process from the beginning is necessary for the relevant type of certificate attestation. The process of establishing the legitimacy of any documents or other items is known as certificate authentication. To learn more about document attestation services in the UAE, get in touch with us. We at Expressage Attestation believe in professionalism and diligence. All of our clients receive exceptional services and we make sure your work reaches completion so you can spend your time in the country you desire happily!

Expressage Attestation is happy to provide you its services. We are one of the best services in the country. Try our services and see for yourself.