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Best Certification Attestation in UAE

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Moving abroad seems a thrilling experience but it comes with its own set of challenges. The first one is the process of getting documents and certificate attestation. If you want to move to UAE and are worried about getting your document attested then don’t worry because one of the best certification attestation companies in UAE, Expressage Attestation, is here to help you.

Then, different documents are needed to be attested. There are different requirements for applying to an educational institute and different for holidays or business trips. Expressage Attestation deals with every single type ranging from UAE Consulate authentication, UAE Ministry of Justice Authentication, MOFA attestation, Degree Attestation, Birth Certificate Attestation, and much more.

Why authentication is required?

The question is often raised, why do they need attestation? Certificate attestation for UAE is required to ensure the identity and the purpose with which the person is coming to UAE. The reason behind this scrutiny is the security of the country. To ensure the safety of the country, the UAE government asks for all the documents to be attested. It is somehow a kind of validation or a guarantee.

Best Certification Attestation in UAE


The process of getting certificate attestation, like birth certificate attestation, degree attestation, or UAE embassy certification, is not a simple linear one. Expressage Attestation ensures that their clients will get all of the required certificate attestations in Dubai without hassle.

What is attestation?

Attestation is a process in which the document or certificate is signed or stamped by an authorized individual or institution. The signing entity validates the credibility of the document. The content of the papers is checked thoroughly. The signed or stamped document is proof of its legitimacy.

For example, signed and stamped documents by the Ministry of Education are required to pursue higher education in a university in UAE. The stamped degree validates the legitimacy of the document. Likewise, if someone is going on vacation or a business trip, they need to get certain documents attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Without authentication, the UAE embassy rejects the application for the visa.

Best Certification Attestation in UAE

Why Expressage Attestation?

All these hurdles are swiftly and efficiently paved by Expressage Attestation which deals with a complete range of document attestations. From marriage certificate attestation, birth certificate attestation, or degree attestation, everything is done by them and the clients get their documents at their doorstep.

Translation Services

Furthermore, Expressage Attestation also deal with translation services. UAE is an international business hub. Many companies from all around the globe have their offices there in UAE. These global companies need documents of the clients they are recruiting. To overcome the language barriers, they need translated documents from their employees. Expressage Attestation provides translation service of the attested documents and certificates in around 75 different languages, like German, French, Portuguese, Hindi, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, etc. along with English and Arabic.

Birth Certificate Attestation

The trend of moving abroad, especially to the UAE is increasing with every passing year. People are moving to Dubai and other cities along with their families. To get their child admitted to the school in Dubai, the parents are asked to provide an attested birth certificate of their child. It is a legal validation of the child’s birth and proof of the nationality of the child. It is also required while applying for residency in UAE.

Best Certification Attestation in UAE

Degree Attestation

Mostly, students aspiring to go to UAE to pursue higher studies, especially from Pakistan. Pakistan certificate attestation is a tricky process and students are generally unaware of it. They don’t know the typical process and its legal implications of it. Expressage Attestation comes here to help the students aspiring to study in the universities of UAE and get WES services. The transcripts and degrees are sent for attestation to the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. The applications for study visas are not entertained at all without authentication by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.


Moreover, like many countries, UAE is not a member of the Hague Apostille. Hauge Apostille is an international convention and around 110 countries are signatories of this very convention. As UAE is not a member, an Apostille is provided for different things like corporate paperwork, trade license, articles of association, memorandums, educational documents, power of attorney, marriage certificate, police certificate, experience certificate, and various other things. However, Apostille, a type of legalization issued on certificates and documents, is a stressfully lengthy process and it gets very taxing for the people. Expressage Attestation makes the process of getting apostille swift and easy.

Families moving to UAE, at times, face difficulties to get their paperwork done. Many documents are needed to be attested like commercial documents, educational documents, personal documents, birth certificates, and marriage certificates. Different government bodies are involved in the process of authentication like MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), UAE embassy, local embassy, and much more. The concerned party has to deal with all the legal proceedings but it takes a lot of time.

Expressage Does it Swiftly

Expressage Attestation brings the document to all the concerned departments. They get the authentication process done by the embassy and the ministry office. Pakistan certificate attestation to certificate attestation in Dubai, from UAE embassy attestation to local embassy attestation, they deal with everything efficiently and bring the documents to the concerned party as soon as possible.

Best Certification Attestation in UAE

Expressage Attestation different from others

The most amazing thing is, that the clients can access the firm at any time. Their professional and meticulously trained team is available for the service of the people 24/7. The clients can ask any question to the team without any hesitation and reluctance. Customer Support service is available all the time to answer the queries of their clients. Another interesting aspect is that the clients would get everything done at their doorstep. Yes, they won’t even need to leave the premise of their house. They just need to type their question and concerns. The company will pick up the documents from the doorstep of the client and would bring them back to them. Interestingly, the service is FREE all across UAE. So, if you are looking for the best Certification Authentication service providers then Expressage Attestation is here, at your doorstep.