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Marriage and Degree Certificate Attestation in UAE

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The embassy or consulate can certify academic credentials, diplomas, marriage licences, and birth certificates that were issued in your nation. The original of the document to be attested must be brought to the consular officer along with a photocopy of it, and both must be signed. The consular officer will use the executant’s passport to confirm and confirm the executant’s/identity. deponent’s For this, you must submit both the original and a photocopy of your passport. The assistance is provided immediately.

The local authority in every country must obtain the required level of authentication before accepting a document from another nation. The term “legalization” refers to this action. It is a way to confirm the legitimacy of a international document.

Why authentication is required?

Why do they need attestation is a frequently asked question. To confirm a person’s identification and the reason for their visit to the UAE, a certificate of attestation is necessary. The country’s security is the motivation behind this examination. The UAE government requires all documents to be attested in order to guarantee the security of the nation. It serves as a form of assurance or confirmation.

Process of Marriage and Degree Certificate Attestation in UAE

Obtaining certificate attestation, such as that for a birth certificate, degree, or UAE embassy certification, is not a straightforward, linear process. Expressage Attestation makes sure that all of the necessary certificate attestations for their clients are easily obtained in Dubai.
certificate attestation services in UAE

The significance of document certification

All of the aforementioned document attestations are necessary in order to comply with local or international law. Whether you’re enrolling for a higher degree or trying to start a business in a foreign country, it’s important to get the documents certified as soon as you can. In order to help yourself have your documents verified by the right government organisations, use document attestation services. The expert service providers’ main goal is to accelerate and simplify the attestation processes. Check to see if the business has a track record of providing document attestation services in the region.

The Hague Apostille Stamp

UAE, like many other nations, is not a Hague Apostille member. Around 110 nations have ratified the Hague Apostille, which is an international agreement. Since the UAE is not a member, an Apostille is given for a variety of documents, including business documents, trade licences, articles of association, memoranda, educational records, powers of attorney, marriage certificates, police certificates, experience certificates, and other documents. However, obtaining an apostille, which is a sort of legality given to certificates and documents, is a tiresome and drawn-out process that puts a lot of strain on the people. Obtaining an apostille is a quick and simple process thanks to Expressage Attestation.

Marriage and Degree Certificate Attestation 

To prove the legitimacy of the official signatures on the documents, the procedure of attestation or authentication for marriage certificates used in the UAE is used. The marriage certification attestation for the UAE will also confirm the signatures’ authority and the legitimacy of any seals or stamps used to affix the certificates.

certificate attestation services in UAE

Compile the authentication criteria; the first step in getting your marriage certificate attested is making sure you have everything you need. Depending on the country producing the marriage certificate and the language used, the requirements may change.

Give us your documents by contacting Expressage Attestation service. Approximately eight weeks will pass while your paperwork are processed.

You’ll receive a status update on when your certified marriage certificate will be released. Present the official receipt you received after the payment was processed to the Expressage attestation service provider.

Double-check for mistakes or inaccuracies after receiving the marriage certificate that has been authenticated or legalised.

Hassle of Degree Attestation 

Most students, especially those from Pakistan, who want to pursue higher education in the UAE. Students typically have no idea how difficult the procedure of attesting certificates from Pakistan is. They are unaware of the standard procedure and its legal ramifications. Expressage Attestation travels to this area to support students hoping to enroll in UAE colleges and obtain WES services. The Pakistani Higher Education Commission receives the transcripts and diplomas for attestation. Without validation from the Pakistani Higher Education Commission, study visa applications are not even considered.

What does the WES attestation mean?

In order for your qualifications to be taken into consideration for admission to universities and employment openings in Canada and the US, WES [World Education Services] verification must assess your credentials. You must obtain a WES examination if you plan to pursue higher education in Canada or the US. In the UAE, we also offer WES services.

Through the WES evaluation, all educational credentials from any country are converted into their US equivalents. Your degrees, certificates, and diplomas are listed together with their American academic equivalents. Expressage Attestation Services will help you verify your academic credentials in compliance with WES requirements.

Benefits of Expressage Attestation 

The fact that clients can contact the firm at any time is the most fantastic thing. Customers can contact our skilled and well-trained staff at any time. Customers can ask the staff any question without holding back or hesitating. To respond to their customers’ questions, customer care is available 24/7. Even better, we provide these services from the convenience of your homes. Your concerns about document attestation are now over.

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You must find the appropriate service providers who can help you with the attestation process from the beginning for the relevant type of certificate attestation. In this case, Expressage Attestation is here to provide you everything you need regarding your document attestation. The process of verifying the validity of any documents or other commodities is known as certificate authentication. To learn more about document attestation services in the UAE, get in touch with us. We respect responsibility and professionalism at Expressage Attestation. We provide top-notch services to all of our clients, and we make sure that your authentication procedure is completed so you can enjoy your time in the country of your choosing!

Any questions you may have will be answered by our customer service. All of your inquiries and concerns will be handled by our friendly customer service staff. We value responsibility at Expressage Attestation.