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Everything to know about Certificate Attestation Services in UAE

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UAE is not a signatory to the Hague Apostille Convention, like most nations. Therefore, government verification or legalization is necessary for the documents to be legitimate. It may include certification from a UAE Embassy, authentication from a UAE Consulate, MOFA Attestation UAE, authentication from the UAE Ministry of Justice, or endorsement from the UAE Ministry of External Affairs. The attestations, however, can vary according to the policy put forth by different countries. You might not find the same rules to be applied for attestation in your country to be valid in others. Dubai or other emirates require certain documents to be attested in order for you to get a VISA for visitation. This is when you require attestation services which are something that most of us can gain a lot from. 

Get your attestation services without any worries so you never have to worry about legalizing your documents for use. This is the best decision you can make for applying to different countries like UAE. 

certificate attestation services in UAE

Purpose of Attestation:

A birth certificate, marriage certificate, degree or diploma certificate, school transfer certificate, power of attorney, AOA, and MOA are just a few of the papers that can be attested by an embassy. Please be aware that the UAE embassy will only accept documents for attestation if they have been certified by a legal authority from the country where they were issued. The right Certification Attestation services help you in getting your documents securely attested on time by the relevant departments because they are the authorized agents operating in the UAE. These records must be used for the following crucial functions.

  • Help you seek an employment VISA or get a VISA designation
  • The services will assist you in applying residence VISA for your family
  • You can even admit your kids to any kind of school in the UAE
  • Open a bank account
  • For loan experiences, you should legally attest your salary certificates

certificate attestation services in UAE

Duration of Attestation

The time frame of UAE attestation basically depends on the country from which the documents will be issued. This kind of attestation is from a location related to the country that issued the document. Getting this attestation isn’t easy as you mainly need to check the availability of the embassy in your country. Since embassies are distributed all around the world, it is difficult to get all the documents in one go. The documents shouldn’t be collected and combined together, they need to be separated when submitting them to the embassy. 

When it comes to payment, there isn’t much we can say as the payment method depends on your country. You need to make sure that you look through the policy and learn how the payment is made so you can prepare the payment procedure accordingly. 

What is Attestation?

Attestation is basically a process where you legalize and authenticate certain documents within a country in order to apply for another. This is according to what level your documents need to be attested so there’s no doubt by the UAE government that the documents are authentic. The most common and essential documents that usually need attesting are degree certificates, certificates of civil status ( birth, marriage, death certificate), police certificates, and diplomas. These documents are what make your application process much more authentic and real. The legalization of such UAE documents makes sure that they can be used abroad or the attested documents in your home country to be used by UAE. Therefore this process needs to be very genuine and should be taken seriously.

certificate attestation services in UAE

Steps of Certification Attestation Process:

There are three overall steps that are involved in the attestation process of certification. These steps help you in providing authentic documents for attestation in UAE.

  1. Attestation from home country:

The first step basically involves the whole attestation process where the required documents are attested according to your requirements in your home country. The attested documents are then considered genuine and authentic on a global scale where they can be passed for legal use. The attested certificate is then submitted to the ministry of foreign affairs present in your home country. This is where the ministry comes in. They double-check the documents to ensure they are attested correctly after which the documents are further attested by them. This way your documents are approved by the country you’re applying for and can be forwarded for legal use.

2.     Certificate attestation by UAE embassy:

The documents are then sent to the UAE embassy for attestation. Before the attestation, the UAE embassy thoroughly checks the documents to ensure everything is in order and if the documents are attested correctly by the ministry. After this, the embassy stamps all the documents to ensure that everything happens in order. These documents will now be considered authentic by the UAE government which is why this is the most important step for document approval. These documents are then brought to UAE for their final attestation step. 

  1. MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs): 

Once all the documents are brought to UAE, they are submitted to MOFA. MOFA does the final job of looking through the documents and getting them attested. When they pass the approval of MOFA, where they check if they’re fully notarized, attested, and certified by the country of origin to see if it’s up to the standard of the UAE government, they are sent for further processing. This is when the VISA application begins for visitation. 

Certification Attestation in UAE

Expressage Certification Attestation:

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